Real Statistics on GE13/PRU13

Here are the actual statistical results on the recent GE13/PRU13 in Malaysia. You can judge it on your own 🙂


2008 = BN 140 vs PR 82
2013 = BN 133 vs PR 89 ( PR tambah 7 )


2008 = BN 344 vs PR 161
2013 = BN 275 vs PR 230 ( PR tambah 71 )

Jumlah Undian keseluruhan Mengikut kiraan Undian di seluruh Malaysia:

PRU 12: BN 4.0 Juta – PR 3.7 Juta
PRU 13: BN 5.3 Juta – PR 5.6 Juta


BN = Barisan Nasional

PR = Pakatan Rakyat (Opposition)

If you wonder how BN can win the Parliament even with lesser votes, try look up for this term here below, GerryMandering

The Silent Riot – Sabah 1985~1986

How many of us remembered or even knew about this? I remembered my whole family moved away from KK, Kampung Air our own home, into the rural area of Keningau because of this. I remembered I was in a lorry with all our household furnitures, kitchenware etc while passing by MP RoadBlocks and my parents asked me to keep quiet everytime we pass by these roadblocks. I didn’t know what was happening as I was just few years old that time. But now I know thanks to this documentary done by Nadira Illana. Thanks to her we can all know what had happened before. And mind you, where did they the illegal immigrants came from? Lahad Datu, the most recent terrorists attacks by the Sulu Militants in 1st March 2013

I would say twice the Federal Government has failed us. Why should we stay supporting them if all they did was to put our people in danger, especially Sabah. Read on for more of the actual stories that happened in that fateful years. And do share this on your blogs as well. Let the truth not stay hidden