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An Old Aspiration, for a future plan

I’ve always wanted to learn Piano/Keyboard. I’ve had my keyboard for years now. Actually did started to join a class for couple months, then I had to quit cos of getting too busy. I’ve now try again to pick this up. Have some plans for it in the future. I hope I’ll be able to make it and play some nice songs with it later

Today marks the first day I started my lesson from Youtube. Hopefully all goes well and I’ll try make it a success this time! 🙂

Which Youtube channel you said? I’m now following on this time


Me Humble Instrument below

Bahasa Sarawak

“Tikam sitok. Ibuh kuat gila, kelak jatuh di ba!” yelled my classmate from one end of the room to another end of the room where his friend was, asking to borrow a ‘jangka tolok’…

Coming from Sabah. the above sentence was one of my first, most confusing and challenging to understand as I started my secondary studies in Kuching, Sarawak. It defies everything that I knew in our Malay local language. I will try my best to list down few of the words that i know of in Bahasa Sarawak. Hope it will be of some degree of acceptance as i’ve not used this a lot in my daily conversation actually 🙂

Gambung – Sombong
Tikam – Buang
Sitok – SiniSinun – Sana
Kitak – Kita
Kamek – Saya
Kacak – Cantik
Sidakya – Dia/Diaorang
Sik – Tidak
Mun – Kalau
Ibuh – Jangan
Neh – Mana
Pollen – Tumbuk

Comment and additional words are welcomed

Bahasa Sabah

“Bida butul oh!”
“Sana kita main bubut-bubut”

Are few of the many words spoken by Sabahan. Let me try list out few words and it’s meaning. Just for the fun of it, reminiscing the times when some time ago when we were young, we always use these words and some may have forgotten the meanings. Hope this stirs up some smiles in you

Bida – Buruk/Hodoh
Bubut – Kejar
Cubuk – Intip
Geligitan – Kiut sampai mau cubit
Tagarau – Teruk

Drop me some comments if there are any mistakes in the above or you would like to add in few more 🙂

My Manual Reel

This is an example of the manual reel that I have as my spare backup when i go for deep sea fishing trip. It’s really powerful and has higher drag max value than my electric reel below, fully metal and can subject to hard usage. Another good thing it has is 6.1 to 1 ratio line retrieval which means, you can retrieve your line faster. small fix around x3 totally has no effect on this reel, you won’t feel any strain on the drag when reeling on this. I think any fish above 1.5KG only then has some fight on this thing. Love it and it becomes my 2nd fishing set as well now

1080626_orig 11571056815.gif

My Electric Reel

Here’s some pictures that i grabbed from the Internet. Of course mine’s not as shiny anymore as it is used. It was really fun using electric reels. The best thing is you just press button or lever and it will reel itself up especially when you need to check on the bait. I changed to electric reel as my main and using this model. it’s Banax Kaigen TM500. TM is for Twin Motor so it has dual speed function ie, low and high gear.





3rd Deep Sea Fishing 12th – 14th August 2016

There was rain..
There was moderate waves..
Lots of People got sick…
And there were Fish!



We left the dock quite late due to some of them were stuck in the jam and even one used the public transportation. Weather was turning back soon as we left the dock. We wan into a windy, rainy and bit of waves while going out. Thoughts of what’s kind of weather are we going to encounter crossed my mind already. But besides that and first day evening rain which was heavy in the sea and it turned bit rough but just for a while, everything was fine.

Lots of people seem to get sick during the trip. I myself got sick on the last day and today while i Blog this, it seems my cough and flu now gotten worse. Probably gotten the infection from the rest on the boat. But this trip catch has gotten better for me. Still it’s below average. That big fish (ikan kapas given local name) pulled the hardest so far from all my trips. It actually bent my rod holder’s angle stopper! These fish are known to be putting a really hard and good fight.

Not sure if this will be the last trip for the year, now that i’ve tasted the use of electric reel 🙂