Usual Jog and Run today

Last few days weather for the past week has been a really wet one for KK here. So the last few days I haven’t been doing the usual Jog and Run exercise. Well, mostly walk at first when I started. Nowadays especially today I think i reached 30% Jog with some sprinting

The usual routine went smoothly and I manage to do more sprinting today. Guess I’m feeling healthier now. When I first began 5 weeks ago, it was hard to even Jog a 15Meter length.

However when I went back to my office after the run today, I was so tired that I went down the wrong slope. Manage to stop myself before going into the ditch (I’m just being dramatic here 😀 ). But on the way up the pavement again, i twisted my knee (it’s an old injury that happens time to time when I’m not careful), so I had to sit it out for while like 7 to 8 minutes or so before I could walk again. Had to sit and lie down a while to streth it back. Luckily I did not have to call for help. My Knee was fine after but with a little pain. So I walked another distance back and went back office to continue work and write this meantime.

In Addition to that, almost every morning I do Planking + Push Ups plus half sit ups as well. I’ve started with 20 plankings and 10 sit ups. Now my routine goes up to 30 plankings + push ups and 15 sits up. The loss of weight seems to help a lot in getting me healthier here. Glad it did 🙂

Those of you who wishes to lose some weight and share your stories, do drop me some comments or write to my email

Cheers, God Bless and all the best~~ Ganbatte!!

First ever trip to Kudat for Fishing

Today marks the start of the day I’ll be going to Kudat for Fishing. Had been preparing few days for this trip. Thanks to my checklist, everything seems to be in order and in stocks for my fishing tools. Just had to grab few things

The usual Car Battery that I uses, seems to be out of Voltage so I had to open up my current Car Batt and bring two batteries this time, just in case

It will be our first ever Jorney to Kudat for our Fishing trip with my friend. Usually I just board here from KK for the trip but this time it will be different. We get to know that all anglers this trip around seems to be all from KK. Someone even took pictures of bringing Coconuts for the trip. My friend will bring his Calamansi Lime (Limau Kasturi) while I bring some Salted Plum (Semboi). Plan to make some ‘kit chai ping’ later 😀

The usual fishing trip is very tiring as we rent the boat. So all the things we need individually like the fish tanks, weights bait and all utensils or tools, we would need to bring up ourselves. Moreover if you’re living on a 3rd floor apartment walk up staircase. But I brought few things down few days before prior to the trip to lighten the burden a little. Just imagine when we the boat stops, people will shout in Malay, ‘Kerja!!’ which means we start our work 🙂

Nevertheless, we do enjoy the trip. We bring all sorts of food like Cup Noodles, biscuits, sweets, crackers, junk food, coffee 3 in 1 and all sorts. This is to fight the boredom while waiting for fish bites or in between boat travels to find new spots of fishing. You will get faster seasick if you’re bored. Soft Drinks is a must as well so that you can burp out the gas from your stomach time to time. I’ve been to a trip where they even brought beer on board! Nice people and I had like 1 or 2 cans with them. We even had ‘Lemontoku and Titir Sushi’ on the boat before. Lemontoku is where you mix Lemon onto the Montoku (a local fermented drink here)

Well, it’s about time my friend coming to pick me up here. This will be my last post before the trip as I will be offline for few days later. Wish you all have a good day ahead and hope we can catch bit more fish this time.

Fish On!

America’s Got Talent 2019 – Kodi Lee, Blind & Autistic

Just saw this one while preparing stuff and tools for my fishing trip this Saturday. When I saw this, my tears just can’t be contained. I know I had to share this here. I hope you would be touched by this as much as I do. It was really beyond expectations and understandings as the whole crowd went silent and standing ovation in the end

It’s true how Music saves Lives. It Heals your Soul. It is My Serenity as well

Everyone is born different, but each of us is.. Special. We’re worth as full and as much as Our God is

Something nice to share while looking for a song

I was looking for JJ Lin – Love you you song to listen for the piano sound, as suddenly the song just appear in my mind while practicing my Keyboard. Don’t know songs just come to my mind are so bullseye LOL. At first didn’t know the meaning of lyrics as I only wanted to learn the Piano version.

Couldn’t sleep here so I woke up to practice my Keyboard hahaha. Here’s a very nice version of it. So cute and full of emotions


Love u u 我像孤独的渔夫
Love u u wo xiang gu du de yu fu
说不出 爱的温度
Shuo bu chu ai de wen du
很想给你的幸福 你却自我保护
Hen xiang gei ni de xing fu ni que zi wo bao hu
转弯处 只剩下潮汐之外的荒芜
Zhuan wan chu zhi sheng xia chao xi zhi wai de huang wu

Love u u 卻在海裡迷了路
Love u u que zai hai li mi le lu
找不出 心的歸屬
Zhao bu chu xin de gui shu
思念越尝越苦 心跳乱了脚步
Si nian yue chang yue ku xin tiao luan le jiao bu
怎么我 读不懂你成语之间的无助
Zen me wo du bu dong ni cheng yu zhi jian de wu zhu

就算用尽所有真心 却到不了你的心底
Jiu suan yong jin suo you zhen xin que dao bu liao ni de xin di
回忆难以靠近 你是我奢求的唯一
Hui yi nan yi kao jin ni shi wo she qiu de wei yi
让我用尽所有力气 只要你相信
Rang wo yong jin suo you li qi zhi yao ni xiang xin
我最堅持的聲音 只剩一句 love u u
Wo zui jian chi de sheng yin zhi shen yi ju love u u
Stay with me

Neng bu neng bie zhe yang fang qi
Neng bu neng jiu fang kai zi ji
Hai lang chuan tou wo de shang xin
Qing ting yi ting ai de sheng yin

Repeat Chorus

New Found Glory

I’ve changed. Thanks to all my friends around me who keep on encouraging me these time. This post is dedicated to all of you

Thank you all for this eye opening and new purpose in life 😀

I know this sounds crazy, only my friends know what I’m going through.

Thank You Lord as well for being there always for me