2nd trip to Deep Sea 3Days 2Nights 1st to 3rd July 2016

Here are some pictures taken on my 2nd time ever going to deep sea. Weather was surprisingly good

‘Helicopter Fish’. They say it’s bitter so threw back into the sea

FHD0009Lawrence’s and My seat.. I’m on manual, oh yeah! Tegar!!!

FHD0018Sunset : Lawrence posing

FHD0020Sunset : Me.. err dun mind my big belly. it looks bigger cos I was sitting down. :p

FHD0026Ah Cai aka. Daniel with the catch of the day. around 12KG of Keratang aka. Kerapu

FHD0037Lawrence with the catch of the day


Lawrence : CandidIMG_20160701_100648

Me : Candid, gosh don’t eat me man, sorry for blocking your way.. forgive meIMG_20160701_100703

A trip to Tamparuli and Tuaran

Few of us had  a blasted time going to Tamparuli to test out the famous ‘Tuaran Mee Goreng’ and yeah the famous one is not in Tuaran!

Of which we dropped by a little while in Rasaria Resort, after failing to find Durian to peel and eat all we can! Here are some photos of our outing

OMG dun laf please!

IMG_3115IMG_3117IMG_3127Food Food Food!

IMG_20160709_155234 IMG_20160709_155718_HDR IMG_20160709_174512_HDR

Where am I now, You asked?

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. A long long while since 3 years ago! wow… Moving on with life etc has really took me away from blogging for some time. So here I am, still here and this time i’ll try and post few updates on myself.

Recently i’ve been  back to my Fishing hobby. Went out for the first time for my Deep Sea Fishing on 10-12th June 2016, which also happens to be my Birthday on 11th June! So I celebrated my birthday in the Sea!!!

it was a 3 days, 2 nights fishing trip and we went around somewhere near Mengalun Island. We actually had to change boat on the departure day itself and ended up with a captain name Max on KKLaw Fishing Boat.

Everything was fine while on the journey until I fell Nausea with the Sea Sick/Motion Sickness. My first day was a total bummer and i had to force myself to sleep for the rest of the day. A total of 6 times i PUKED! After the first whole day in bed from afternoon till the next morning, I woke up 2nd day morning with a slight bad feeling in my stomach. Sat down at my fishing spot and forced myself to make my leader and threw my first ever bait into the Ocean Floor. Within minutes, I caught myself my first ‘Titir’ but with no experience whatsoever and no one to guide me what to do, i failed to bring up the fish and the fish ended up chewed through my line and escaped. Bummer again!

I then got my second fish which is also the same type of fish as first and having learned myself what was my first mistake, I managed to catch the 2nd fish without problem. And so my fishing journey began for that trip…

Below are some pictures taken during the trip.

IMG-20160610-WA0022Group Photo on the Boat just as we’re leaving the dock

IMG-20160612-WA0084Group Photo after we landed back in KK

IMG-20160612-WA0102My catch during this trip with Kerisi Bali being my pride as I broke my own personal record. The fish weigh in at 2.6KG and was the best fighting fish I fought, it never gave up until even reached the surface..