Blood Donation Campaign by KASI-21st June 2019

There will be a Blood Donation Drive by KASI. Their office situated right below where I work at in Wisma Perindustrian. Got an email from them probably from previous drive that I joined before. So I’m sharing it here in case someone may read this and decide to join in the drive. The Digital flyer can be found below.

A long time ago I did an article on who can donate, age limit, restrictions and what you can do to ease your nerve during donation but I lost my whole blog that time so I can’t get it back. I myself is afraid of needles poking into my veins. So what I did was to look away bit of time before the needle start poking into my arms hahaha. True confession 😀

My first blood donation was when I was 20 years old. The company that I worked with that time (Taiyo) had organised a Blood Donation drive. With some encouragement from my colleagues, I was able to go through my first ever donation. My booklet is still white in Color (given by Sarawak General Hospital) and still am using till now. Although when I came to Kota Kinabalu, I saw that their booklet is Red in color. Not too sure about other states in Malaysia. Do drop me a comment if you know what color they may be ya

I do have a partner in crime here that do the donations with me. His story is one of those that keeps me doing the donations, although nowadays usually I was rejected from donating. Hopefully with the better health by losing some weight, I will be able to donate again. It’s one of my passion to help those in need. Donating your blood has no price tag nor can it be valued at. I donate because someone else’s life may depend on it, knowing that gives me all the rewards i’ll ever need

Back to my partner in crime. He was not a blood donor before. One day he got into a really bad bike accident while drunk (till today he still has scars on his arms and one side of his eyesight is still affected). He lost a lot of blood and went through some operations. He said he was really thankful for the blood donor that donated to him that time. Ever since then, he promised himself to donate whenever he had the chance :). As for me, I’ve been in a bike accident before but nothing of that serious, although i did became ‘Superman’ on the road dragging myself around 10Meter on the newly paved road with new tar. I had had my skin cut off that time and it feels like my skin was being peeled off!! Anyway, I donate because I wanted to and I glad I started it. But aiya, I won’t be able to join this time as I’ll be outstation that whole week. Just wish it were on another day. So I’ll just post here as well as my FB page so the rest can find out on it

I first found out that I had R2R2 type blood more than 10 years ago. I guess it was around year 2007 or 2008. My first donation started in Year 2000 and those few years they did not check that I was R2R2 while I was still in Kuching. It was only when I went to donate in KK Queen Elizabeth that they told me I am R2R2 and wrote it on my donator book. I was confused and worry cos first time hearing that R2R2. Then I found out that my blood is suitable for patient with Thalassemia. The next time I actually received call from QE to go donate. There was a request for it and they needed it urgently. I think it was around 2008 or 2009 that time. When I was there to donate, I asked the question if there are any other R2R2 donor out there in KK. If i can recall correctly, the Nurse actually mentioned there are only 2 or 3 in KK at that time (it’s either one of those 2 numbers) and the other had already went in to donate or something. I think it was for a child as well that time…

So those of you out there who may be thinking to do something today, perhaps donating your blood to someone who needs may be just what you need. The hospital blood bank is always opened, so you can even just stroll in and donate. Bring someone or a friend if this is your first time and you feel nervous. All the best and once again thanks for reading this long blog and hope it encourages you as well to start donating your blood to save lives out there. God blesses your Kind Soul

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