Usual Jog and Run today

Last few days weather for the past week has been a really wet one for KK here. So the last few days I haven’t been doing the usual Jog and Run exercise. Well, mostly walk at first when I started. Nowadays especially today I think i reached 30% Jog with some sprinting

The usual routine went smoothly and I manage to do more sprinting today. Guess I’m feeling healthier now. When I first began 5 weeks ago, it was hard to even Jog a 15Meter length.

However when I went back to my office after the run today, I was so tired that I went down the wrong slope. Manage to stop myself before going into the ditch (I’m just being dramatic here 😀 ). But on the way up the pavement again, i twisted my knee (it’s an old injury that happens time to time when I’m not careful), so I had to sit it out for while like 7 to 8 minutes or so before I could walk again. Had to sit and lie down a while to streth it back. Luckily I did not have to call for help. My Knee was fine after but with a little pain. So I walked another distance back and went back office to continue work and write this meantime.

In Addition to that, almost every morning I do Planking + Push Ups plus half sit ups as well. I’ve started with 20 plankings and 10 sit ups. Now my routine goes up to 30 plankings + push ups and 15 sits up. The loss of weight seems to help a lot in getting me healthier here. Glad it did 🙂

Those of you who wishes to lose some weight and share your stories, do drop me some comments or write to my email

Cheers, God Bless and all the best~~ Ganbatte!!

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