First ever trip to Kudat for Fishing

Today marks the start of the day I’ll be going to Kudat for Fishing. Had been preparing few days for this trip. Thanks to my checklist, everything seems to be in order and in stocks for my fishing tools. Just had to grab few things

The usual Car Battery that I uses, seems to be out of Voltage so I had to open up my current Car Batt and bring two batteries this time, just in case

It will be our first ever Jorney to Kudat for our Fishing trip with my friend. Usually I just board here from KK for the trip but this time it will be different. We get to know that all anglers this trip around seems to be all from KK. Someone even took pictures of bringing Coconuts for the trip. My friend will bring his Calamansi Lime (Limau Kasturi) while I bring some Salted Plum (Semboi). Plan to make some ‘kit chai ping’ later 😀

The usual fishing trip is very tiring as we rent the boat. So all the things we need individually like the fish tanks, weights bait and all utensils or tools, we would need to bring up ourselves. Moreover if you’re living on a 3rd floor apartment walk up staircase. But I brought few things down few days before prior to the trip to lighten the burden a little. Just imagine when we the boat stops, people will shout in Malay, ‘Kerja!!’ which means we start our work 🙂

Nevertheless, we do enjoy the trip. We bring all sorts of food like Cup Noodles, biscuits, sweets, crackers, junk food, coffee 3 in 1 and all sorts. This is to fight the boredom while waiting for fish bites or in between boat travels to find new spots of fishing. You will get faster seasick if you’re bored. Soft Drinks is a must as well so that you can burp out the gas from your stomach time to time. I’ve been to a trip where they even brought beer on board! Nice people and I had like 1 or 2 cans with them. We even had ‘Lemontoku and Titir Sushi’ on the boat before. Lemontoku is where you mix Lemon onto the Montoku (a local fermented drink here)

Well, it’s about time my friend coming to pick me up here. This will be my last post before the trip as I will be offline for few days later. Wish you all have a good day ahead and hope we can catch bit more fish this time.

Fish On!

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