Bahasa Sarawak

“Tikam sitok. Ibuh kuat gila, kelak jatuh di ba!” yelled my classmate from one end of the room to another end of the room where his friend was, asking to borrow a ‘jangka tolok’…

Coming from Sabah. the above sentence was one of my first, most confusing and challenging to understand as I started my secondary studies in Kuching, Sarawak. It defies everything that I knew in our Malay local language. I will try my best to list down few of the words that i know of in Bahasa Sarawak. Hope it will be of some degree of acceptance as i’ve not used this a lot in my daily conversation actually 🙂

Gambung – Sombong
Tikam – Buang
Sitok – SiniSinun – Sana
Kitak – Kita
Kamek – Saya
Kacak – Cantik
Sidakya – Dia/Diaorang
Sik – Tidak
Mun – Kalau
Ibuh – Jangan
Neh – Mana
Pollen – Tumbuk

Comment and additional words are welcomed

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