3rd Deep Sea Fishing 12th – 14th August 2016

There was rain..
There was moderate waves..
Lots of People got sick…
And there were Fish!



We left the dock quite late due to some of them were stuck in the jam and even one used the public transportation. Weather was turning back soon as we left the dock. We wan into a windy, rainy and bit of waves while going out. Thoughts of what’s kind of weather are we going to encounter crossed my mind already. But besides that and first day evening rain which was heavy in the sea and it turned bit rough but just for a while, everything was fine.

Lots of people seem to get sick during the trip. I myself got sick on the last day and today while i Blog this, it seems my cough and flu now gotten worse. Probably gotten the infection from the rest on the boat. But this trip catch has gotten better for me. Still it’s below average. That big fish (ikan kapas given local name) pulled the hardest so far from all my trips. It actually bent my rod holder’s angle stopper! These fish are known to be putting a really hard and good fight.

Not sure if this will be the last trip for the year, now that i’ve tasted the use of electric reel 🙂


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