Sick Seasons..

Been sick for more than a week now and finally some really progress yesterday and today to my flu and cough. Then last few days noticed one of the intern in the office also got sick. I offered my meds cos it seems she’s also having hard time with the central aircond blowing and causing her running nose to get even worse.

The meds i suggested her is ‘Chloramine’. It’s a term used only in Malaysia and Taiwan it seems. It contains anti-histamine so it helps with allergy and flu symptom like. Told her that she can get it from local pharmacy as well. Only gave her whatever I had left in my work bag. Hopefully she will be okay later as I can hear her starting to cough already

So those out there who is having flu like symptom allergy, you can try this meds out too 🙂

Recuperating Mode

I got really sick yesterday. Left office earlier trying to get some rest but couldn’t. I will be off probably couple of days. Self recovery mode long overdued anyway. Since I’m staying all alone, just have to toughen it out. Just have to take care yourself during these times.. My blog is where I can truly put out my feelings and emotions forward.

Last week in KL outstation was a busy one. I had to tackle both offices but being where there’s no Internet in the other office plus another Brunei office looking for you trying to connect there, you had to get the non technical staff to help out and needed to spell and plan for them. And then the next day where there was a long power cut. They had to call me up to ask which switchbox needed to check.. On Wednesday, I had to go back Office Condo to handle Unifi that comes in to fix no connection problem for the condo. I mean these things, Admin staff can do one. Where are the boundaries???!! One day perhaps i’ll have a greener pasture and find my Serenity Place within this world. I plan and I pray for it. But there’s just so much so I can do on my own sometimes.

Serenity Prayer
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I’ll be back in few days time perhaps. But maybe won’t be posting much anyway unless something interesting comes up 🙂

Angel Wings around you all